We’ve got the Muncheez!


Founded in 2010, Muncheez exists to share our experience of life in Lebanon. Through our delicious food, culture and hospitality our work is love made visible. We aim to create a casual environment where those who have never been to Lebanon get a taste of it and for those who have been, feel like they never left! Each recipe is made to order, for you to enjoy Lebanese food etc whenever you get the muncheez. Want to feel Lebanese for a bit? Yalla, See you soon




Core values:


. Sharing is caring – Give a little Love and it all comes back to you! Muncheez will donate 1% of revenue to charities that promote education, art and food.

. Enjoy the ride – Life is a roller coaster; make sure you enjoy the ride. We promise to always have fun doing what we do, and hope you have fun with us

. Think Sustainably – mother earth has taken care of us for millennia’s, its only fair to treat her well. Help us in our cause .

. Create Lifetime friends – We are in it for the long run, we will always do the right thing by you. We are here because of all the love you guys show us!