Dear Munchers,

We want to reward you for all the love you show us.

One way to show our appreciation  is through our “Swipely” loyalty program. We have partnered with “Swipely” our credit card processor to make this as easy as possible.We are turning your credit card into your rewards card. (Yes! not another added rewards card to your wallet!)

It is quite simple: for every $200 you spend at Muncheez, you will automatically get $10 back on your card to spend on whatever you please. Now thats cool!

Even better news is that you can link up to 3 credit cards to one same account, muncheez for the whole family!
Just log on to the link below, follow the directions and let the rewards begin!

>> https://swipely.com/b/muncheez-mania

Toast to the good life!

The Muncheez Team

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