Lebanon, heaven on earth.


In case the headline is unclear, Lebanon is an incredible country that has a lot of unusual things to offer. As an amazing tourist destination, Lebanon is a place that gives you an exceptional experience that you’ll remember for a long time. Untouched nature, long beaches, historical landmarks, distinctive cuisine, wild nightlife and charming mountains are just a few gems of the treasure this country offers.

Lebanon, and its capital Beirut, have it all: incredible culture and tradition, the beauty of the sea and sun, mountains and stunning nature, exciting nightlife, but it also has the remains of wars, pollution and constant political instability. Regardless, there’s plenty of unusual things to see and do in Beirut and we’ve singled out a few.


1.A selfie with a sea turtle

The value that Lebanon puts on sea turtles comes under the spotlight at the Tyre Beach Nature Reserve. The nature reserve is located in a breathtaking area, where you can meet and learn about the magical creatures that live along the coast that hugs Beirut. Every year at the end of the May, sea turtles come to the city to lay their eggs. They dig a hole in the sand (around two feet deep) and lay around 80 eggs that they protect with a top layer of sand. The turtles are active at night between 10 pm and 4 am.

Meeting huge sea turtles is a rare opportunity, so make sure to include it in your visit to Lebanon! 
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