A crazy little thing called dessert

Dessert is a dish that translates across easily in any language. Everyone loves it and every country has its own traditional recipes to boast about. Say sweets and people come running! 🙂 Desserts are found in sooooo many different shapes, flavors, and packages all around the world, and often sweets are the first foods a traveler tries on a visit to another country. We want to introduce you to the very best of Lebanese dessert – meet Aish El-Saraya, Halawat el Jibn, and Layali Lubnan.


Lebanese cream: Aish El-Saraya

This delectable, light dessert is literally the dessert of choice in the royal palace. Originating in Lebanon, this sweetened bread pudding is usually covered with sweet syrup and covered with cream.

TIP: It pairs well with all types of Lebanese food.

So, if you’re craving rich and creamy food, here is your next Google search: Lebanese dessert Aish El-Saraya.


Halawet el Jibn

Halawet el Jibn is a very popular Lebanese dessert. The translation of the name speaks for itself – ‘sweetness of cheese’. As the name implies, this is pastry stuffed with cheese and a sweet cream. It is definitely a must try Mediterranean dessert

Halawet el Jibn is made by rolling a thin layer of pastry around sweet cheese and a generous layer of soft cream. It’s a simple dessert that can easily be made at home, because all of the ingredients can be found in your local market.


Layali Lubnan

A finger-licking good dish, Layali Lubnan is a cold semolina pudding with caramel syrup sauce and pistachio. It’s an aromatic dessert, ideal for warm summer nights. In fact, ‘Layali Lubnan’ translates as Lebanese Nights. 🙂 So, this dessert is MADE to be eaten on a hot night in Lebanon.

Topped with a thick layer of whipped cream and crunchy pistachios, it is no wonder that this is one of the most popular desserts throughout the Middle East.

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