This year marks a decade since Muncheez began showcasing the best of Lebanese and Middle-Eastern cuisine in the DMV area. In today’s uncertain times, we are confident that better days are ahead for everyone, especially our brothers and sisters back in Lebanon.

Today, Muncheez is proud to share Souk by Muncheez, an online platform that brings a piece of home to all the Lebanese living in the US. We offer products from brands and businesses based in Lebanon, as well as our own trademark items made with love, such as our “make-your-own-Mankoushe” kits etc.

Since day one, Muncheez has strived to source its Lebanese products from the very people that produce them. From the zaatar in our manakish, to the spices in our shawarma and even the chocolate bars, Muncheez is a firm believer in Lebanese ingenuity and quality products.

Your Work on Souk by Muncheez

Today, as we expand our Souk, we want to take as many Lebanese artisans and brands along for the ride with us. If you feel that this is a good fit you, please get in touch with us!

Whether it’s food products, raw ingredients, clothes, traditional crafts or anything else, we want to hear your story and see how we can collaborate on this together. To make sure that even in these tough times, we can all stand together and remind the Lebanese diaspora around the world why we are all so in love with Lebanon.

Get in touch!

Get in touch with us by emailing souk@muncheezdc.com

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