Making magic with unusual spices

Some say cooking is an art, but for others it’s a passion. Whatever your taste, the desire to  combine various foods, and a wide range of flavors, all in an attempt to perfect a meal, drives the imagination and brings people to the table. Cooking wouldn’t be as interesting as it is if it weren’t for the ingredients and the brave chefs who experiment in the kitchen.


What’s a must in Lebanese cuisine?

There are ingredients that Lebanese people consider an absolute must. Soft, fresh bread (pita bread), homemade hummus, fruit, vegetables, and rice are all eaten in many everyday Lebanese meals. Bread (also called flatbread) is crucial in Lebanese culture. In Arabic the word for bread translates as “life”! Although close to perfection on its own, the bread is even better eaten with poultry and lamb, both meats are used in the country’s most popular dishes. Mezze is also a must try and an authentic Middle Eastern speciality in Lebanon, as well as in other countries in the region. Fresh fruit and unique desserts make the table complete.


Behind-the-Scenes Ingredients

As we mentioned before, the staple of every good meal are its cooking ingredients. In Lebanon, we use some exotic ingredients to make our dishes recognizable.

Make sure your kitchen is stocked with some of these essential ingredients! 
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