In our Muncheez story we mentioned that Muncheez started on the streets of Beirut with a passion for eating Lebanese street food.

Not only is that how we started but its how we continue to evolve and get inspired to create new Muncheez favorites. Which is why every year our founder David or our Corporate chef Charaf travel to Lebanon to discover some new secret twists in the Lebanese cuisine that makes us coming back for more.

Last week David traveled to Lebanon and toured all parts of the country in the search of gaining a few local secrets that can keep giving Muncheez a real taste of Lebanon. Throughout his stay, locals were very excited to share some trade secrets with the knowledge that Muncheez is proudly promoting Lebanese cuisine and culture overseas.


From “Oum Ali’s” secret blend of spices, to “Ghattas” mastery in baking, to “Boubouffe” the shawarma specialist, all helped David  bring back some secret authentic twists back to Washington. We want to thank everyone who openly collaborated with David and we can’t wait for you come visit us at Muncheez!!


Toast to the good life!

The Muncheez Team.

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