Mezze platter as an assortment of Middle Eastern dishes all on one plate

In order to have a better understanding of  the mezze platter, you need to know its definition (or our version of the definition). According to the people of the Mediterranean region, the right definition of mezze is small plates made for sharing. So, basically it’s a variety of small plates intended for everyone at the table to pass around and try. From this, we can conclude that mezze is a “dish” made to be eaten in large groups of family and friends, and for spending some good times with some good food.


To eat mezze platter before the meal or as a main course?

Some people consider mezze an appetizer. We couldn’t agree on this, even among ourselves, there are just too many great Middle Eastern dishes that we consider a must try after the mezze. What we can agree on is that Middle Eastern recipes in the mezze can some diners can probably replace the main course. For those with a good appetite, the mezze may not be enough. 
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